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Florida's Natural® Growers' Pride 3.5 L Dispenser Tanks (Frozen)
GP 3ClearNewGrowersPride

From concentrate. Easy. Front load. Completely disposable packaging. Longer shelf life. Perfect for high volume situations. Consistent temperature.

Product Usage:
Restaurants/Diners. Cafeterias/Delis/Buffets. Hotels/Resorts. Healthcare Facilities. Universities/Colleges. Cruise Lines. Casinos. Employee Break Rooms. Travel Centers. Correctional Facilities. Military.

Pack Size: 3 or 4 (depending on variety)

Storage Temp: Store at 0`F or lower

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Additional Information: Allow two days to thaw prior to use at 40’F. Machine required. Follow mixing instructions. Place into machine to serve.

3/3.5L: L11.88″  W9.63″  H11″  Wt: 31 Cs Pallet: 60 Cs/ Layer: 15 Cube: .669
4/3.5L: L12.19″ W11.56″ H10.93″  Wt: 40.4 Cs/Pallet: 48 Cs/Layer: 12 Cube: .89

At first glance, dispensers can seem complicated. To help simplify this process, we have put together three short videos, each less than one minute long. You'll learn whether dispensers are the right fit for your establishment, as well as how to properly install and clean a dispenser. The videos can even be used as training tools for your staff.
Do you Qualify
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Tips on Cleaning