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Florida's Natural® Brand Premium 10oz PET Bottles

Premium Fruit Juice and Fruit Drinks. Packaged and sealed for freshness in Florida. For businesses looking for an upgraded taste profile.

Product Usage

Convenience Stores. Restaurants/Diners. Cafeterias/Delis/Buffets. Country Clubs. Hotel Gift Shops. Mini bars/Break-out Sessions. Caterers. Bar Wells. Camps. Child Care Facilities. Schools. Grab & Go Situations. Produce Stands. Churches. Travel Centers.

24/300 mL available in orange, lemonade, and apple 12/300 mL available in orange, lemonade, apple and fruit splash


6 Months

Ready to serve. Serve chilled.

Case: L15.75″  W 10.50″  H 6.00″  Wt: 19.40 lbs  Cs/ Pallet: 96  Cs/ Layer: 12  Cube: .574