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Florida's Natural® 3.5 L Cartridge (Frozen)

100% Premium Juice. For businesses looking for an upgraded taste profile.
Easy Front load. Completely disposable packaging. Longer shelf life. Perfect for high volume consumption. Consistent temperature.

Product Usage

Restaurants/Diners. Cafeterias/Delis/Buffets. Hotels/Resorts. Healthcare Facilities. Universities/Colleges. Cruise Lines. Casinos. Employee Break Rooms. Travel Centers. Correctional Facilities. Military.

3 or 4 (depending on variety)


2 years

Allow two days to thaw prior to use at 40’F. Machine required. Follow mixing instructions. Place into machine to serve.
     * 3/3.5L: L11.88″  W9.63″  H11″  Wt: 31 Cs Pallet: 60 Cs/ Layer: 15 Cube: .669
     * 4/3.5L: L12.19″ W11.56″ H10.93″  Wt: 40.4 Cs/Pallet: 48 Cs/Layer: 12 Cube: .89